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When all is dark and gloomy,
When flowers forget to bloom..
When eyes are sad and teary,
When lips forget to smile..
When life is one big hardship,
When sweat is lost in the sand..
When joy no longer exists,
When pain is all you feel..
close your eyes and feel your heart.
Isn’t that where the sadness resides?
Nothing is dark, nothing is gloomy,
your heart tricks you into believin’,
The life is one big hardship, true!
But joy lies inside it too!
Why are your eyes sad and teary?
It’s much easier to smile, deary!
The life is how we see it.
The joy is as much as we feel it!

He never said..

He saw her everyday,
seeing her around made his day..
He saw her laughing with her friends..
and fighting and making amends..
He saw her smiling up to the sky..
extending her arms and pretending to fly..
He saw her playing with her hair..
and fiddling with her fingers while rocking the chair..
He saw her jumping around in happiness,
and sitting down low in sadness..

He liked her a lot, he knew that,
But he never said
and they never met.



Things don’t matter really,
It’s the feelings attached to them that matter..
We buy several things daily..
But it’s the gifts that make us gladder.
May it be a flower,
given by a lover.
May it be a book,
given by a teacher.
May it be a dress,
given by a father.
May it be a band,
given by a friend.

We hold these things close to our heart,
Don’t let them ever from us part..
But we make mistakes, do we not?
Sometimes we lose them and that’s because we forgot…
to pick them up from where we left them..
to put them back to where we store them..
and it hurts,
it makes us cry..
It makes us wonder..
Why oh why…
Why did I have to forget?
Why did I have to lose it?

I should have kept it safe.
it was a gift.
And gifts,
cannot be replaced.


She stood there in front of the lake,
Waiting and waiting for the deer to appear…
With a bow in hand she was hiding behind the tree..,
Ready to strike should the deer were to be seen..
She was hungry enough to eat a dozen bears,
But her family was waiting and they were her dears.
A big fat deer came here everyday,
It’d drink some sips of water and it’d go on its way…
Not today, it wouldn’t leave, she promised herself!
Her siblings wouldn’t starve today, she challenged herself!
She had lost her Mom and Dad in the war,
Her brother and sister were all she had.
Then came the prey but it wasn’t alone…
A baby dear was coming up with her Deer Mom..
The baby had the cutest eyes,
And her happiness she couldn’t disguise..
She started jumping around in the water..,
Spraying it around farther and farther.
Her mother had the most cautious eyes though,
as if she had already sensed her foe.
Too bad for her she’d die today,
thought the girl looking at her prey.
She straightened her bow and pointed it at her throat,
thinking that her meat would keep their lives afloat.
Suddenly the baby started nuzzling her Mom’s neck,
A sight so adorable heck heck heck!
I can’t take her Mom away, the girl decided.
We can starve for one more day, the girl decided.
Nobody should lose their family she knew.
Nothing can replace family she knew.



Sleep is a miracle, is it not?
It lets us forget our worries,
Our fears,
Our tears,
Our limitations.
Sleep is the place where…
Fears are overcome,
Tears are unknown,
Limitations don’t exist.
Where we can dream as big as we want..
Where we always end up the hero,
Where impossibilties don’t exist.
Sleep can erase the saddest memories,
And soothe the most agitated mind…
Sleep is where..
we can find peace.
Why is that?
Why don’t we Do Big when we wake up?
Why don’t we fight to be the hero?
Why do we worry so much?
Why do we hold ourselves back?
Why do we limit ourselves?
Oh sleep..
Take my problems with you..
My doubts,
My fears..
And please don’t give them back in the morning..
I want to be myself tomorrow.
I want to be the hero.


What is rain I wonder…

What is rain, you wonder?

Is it just water pouring in seeping in..

Is it the sky crying in weeping in..

Is it happy, is it sad?

Is it good, is it bad?

Happy, you say…

for the kids making ships,

for the lovers holding hands,

for the youth playing frisbee,

for the artist writing a song,

for the flower which just bloomed..

Sad, is it not?

for the farmer who lost a crop,

for the guy who has no home…

for the family whose house fell down,

for the man whose family drowned..

What is rain..I wonder.