Archive | May 2013

Ups and Downs

You try try and keep trying…
But sometimes it just isn’t enough.
Sometimes you fall.
Sometimes you fail.
Sometimes you cry.
Sometimes you lose.
You complain.
You curse life.
But what would life be if it was all joy?
How would smile feel if we didn’t once cry?
Would getting up matter if we never fall?
Would winning be special if we never lost?


PM questionnaire

If I were the PM what would I do?
Would I build a big mansion?
Or build a large school?
Would I hide a million bucks?
Or give them all for food?
For the people who starve..
For the people who don’t have jobs..
Would I travel around the world?
Or visit my people working..
Would I visit all big shops?
Or check if my departments are running..
Would I buy a big jet?
Or start a food chain..?
Would I cheat?
Would I not?
Would I work?
Would I rot?
Would I help?
Would I care?
Would I drink?
Would I spare?
Would I lead?
Would I flee?
Would I matter?
Would I shatter?

Do I deserve that big seat?
Do I have what it takes to lead?

What I see!

Where you see bombings,
I see mountains.
Where you see firing,
I see rain.
Where you see pain..
I see joy.
Where you see cries,
I see smiles.
Where you see suffering..
I see charities.
Where you see fire..
I see love.
Where you see desert,
I see colors.
Where you see illiteracy,
I see scientists.
Where you see oppression,
I see freedom.
Where you see old,
I see youth.
Where you see terrorists,
I see healers.
Where you see faults,
I see beauty.
Pakistan isn’t just what you see,
It is also what I see!
It is mostly what I see!