Archive | June 2013


On my birthday how do I feel?
A little happy?
No No
Some more?
No No
A lot?
Why, you ask?
It’s not ’cause..
I feel wiser..
or more mature.
It’s not ’cause..
I am older
or more grown up.

I am happy

’cause I feel loved.


Where to find Joy?

Joy is a powerful thing isn’t it?

We search for it..

In money.
In possessions.
In cars.
In mansions.

But where do we find it?

In the smallest deeds.
In the big smiles.
In a friend’s teasing.
Down the memory aisles.

Joy isn’t present in stuff.
Joy is present in US.

Stay happy!:)


Choosing between two.

Many times it’s so hard to decide..
Which one to choose?
Which one to wear?
Which one to risk?
Which one to dare?
Would that be better?
Would that ever matter?
To go for the obvious?
Or take a leap of faith?
To do what everybody tells you..?
Or do what nobody else has?

I get confused.
I get irritated.
Especially when..
I have to choose between two.


Sky, a big shawl.



No matter where we live we are enveloped by the same sky. It’s like a big shawl wrapping around us, drawing us closer..why then do we separate ourselves from each other? The same sun brightens our days whether we are part of the West or the East..why then is there such antagonism? If moon is the same then why are there so much gaps between us? Why can’t we mingle like the colors of the rainbow and yet retain our individual beauty instead of trying to destroy what everybody else has?


Inner Spark

Sometimes we feel that inner spark..
That wave of energy..
That wave of inspiration..
We get an amazing idea..
An idea that makes us smile..
An idea that makes us feel special..
But we let the energy slip by..
We let the motivation disappear..
and then as the days pass by..
The idea seems..
Less awesome..
Less feasible..
Less realistic..
and eventually,
What changes?
The idea doesn’t.
The situation doesn’t.
But we do.
We lose the motivation.
We lose that spark.
So, next time when you feel that spark..
Hold on to it.
Act on it.
It doesn’t last for long.