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Be generous next time.

How much effort does it take
to say
I like it.
I love it.
You rock.
You make me proud.
I knew you had it in you.
I was rooting for you.
These few words can
make somebody’s day
can make somebody smile
can fill them with joy
can fill them with happiness.
So be generous next time,
make somebody feel special.


Missed out opportunities..!

I’ve learned through experience that letting an opportunity slip by just because we think it a waste of time or just not worth it gives you regrets. Instead, giving them a try no matter how worthless they seem at the time is better, at least you were part of it, at least you tried! Next time maybe, just doesn’t work.

So, next time I’m not saying No.



One of them tried to make
the other one feel special
thinking it would make
everyone happy
but what one didn’t realize
was that some other one
wasn’t happy about it
and was sad instead
and that made everyone sad
and that ruined the day!
Not always does one
accomplish what one
sets out to do.
That is called



Before starting to watch Suits I never expected to like such a show, with lawyers and cases and stuff but I was wrong. I’ve been addicted to it since the very first episode and now it’s one of my absolute favorite shows. But this post isn’t a show review, it’s about “SUITS RECRUITS”.

SUITS RECRUITS is an amazing interactive session with the cast of Suits where you watch videos, answer questions and get amazing response. It’s all pre-recorded of course but it gives you the feeling that you are actually interacting with the inspiring Suits team. Donna’s evil smile, Louis’ frown and Rachel’s poses make it all really cool ( Mike looks really serious though. Just one expression). I haven’t seen Harvey there yet but maybe they are saving the best for the last!

If you answer a question right, you earn points. You also earn points from other stuff like simply logging in or watching a video. Through SR you are actually trying to solve a case and the awesome thing is that if you do then you enter to win 25,000$! Now that’s a catch, isn’t it?

Another awesome feature is that you get tweets from the cast. Imagine my expression when Mike Ross addressed me in a tweet. Oh man, I felt so special!

Here’s the link:

What do you think about Suits? Are you a member of SUITS RECRUITS?