The same

I was an exchange student once you see,
I saw a whole new world,
a different place,
a different stage,
another culture,
another space,
People wore different clothes,
had different parties,
celebrated other events,
danced to different music.
But the differences were few,
the similarities were huge.
They too liked to love,
They too liked to share.
Smiling was a habit,
Caring wasn’t rare.

We might look different,
we might see different,
but we are the same.



Sky, a big shawl.



No matter where we live we are enveloped by the same sky. It’s like a big shawl wrapping around us, drawing us closer..why then do we separate ourselves from each other? The same sun brightens our days whether we are part of the West or the East..why then is there such antagonism? If moon is the same then why are there so much gaps between us? Why can’t we mingle like the colors of the rainbow and yet retain our individual beauty instead of trying to destroy what everybody else has?