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She stood there in front of the lake,
Waiting and waiting for the deer to appear…
With a bow in hand she was hiding behind the tree..,
Ready to strike should the deer were to be seen..
She was hungry enough to eat a dozen bears,
But her family was waiting and they were her dears.
A big fat deer came here everyday,
It’d drink some sips of water and it’d go on its way…
Not today, it wouldn’t leave, she promised herself!
Her siblings wouldn’t starve today, she challenged herself!
She had lost her Mom and Dad in the war,
Her brother and sister were all she had.
Then came the prey but it wasn’t alone…
A baby dear was coming up with her Deer Mom..
The baby had the cutest eyes,
And her happiness she couldn’t disguise..
She started jumping around in the water..,
Spraying it around farther and farther.
Her mother had the most cautious eyes though,
as if she had already sensed her foe.
Too bad for her she’d die today,
thought the girl looking at her prey.
She straightened her bow and pointed it at her throat,
thinking that her meat would keep their lives afloat.
Suddenly the baby started nuzzling her Mom’s neck,
A sight so adorable heck heck heck!
I can’t take her Mom away, the girl decided.
We can starve for one more day, the girl decided.
Nobody should lose their family she knew.
Nothing can replace family she knew.