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Sleep is a miracle, is it not?
It lets us forget our worries,
Our fears,
Our tears,
Our limitations.
Sleep is the place where…
Fears are overcome,
Tears are unknown,
Limitations don’t exist.
Where we can dream as big as we want..
Where we always end up the hero,
Where impossibilties don’t exist.
Sleep can erase the saddest memories,
And soothe the most agitated mind…
Sleep is where..
we can find peace.
Why is that?
Why don’t we Do Big when we wake up?
Why don’t we fight to be the hero?
Why do we worry so much?
Why do we hold ourselves back?
Why do we limit ourselves?
Oh sleep..
Take my problems with you..
My doubts,
My fears..
And please don’t give them back in the morning..
I want to be myself tomorrow.
I want to be the hero.