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It’s the love…

Water flowing,
Fires burning,
Hearts beating,
People breathing,
Is that what constitutes life?
Is that how we survive?

It’s the tears that keep flowing,
It’s the hope that keeps burning,
It’s the smiles that make us live.
It’s the joy that makes us breathe.

It’s the love that makes our hearts beat.


Hakuna matata

Hakuna Matata



Hakuna matata. It means “no worries”. This expression should be an essential part of our tense adult lives. All children worry about is what toy they want and which kid to annoy, which candy to eat (Although children aren’t as innocent any more but still), their worries don’t last much. It’s us who have these gigantic responsibilities which give us serious headaches.

Worry doesn’t get us anywhere, now does it? All it does it take up our precious time and destroy our should-be-worry-less-moments. We think and think and think but the solution to our problems just slips by and that worries us even more. We know we shouldn’t worry so much but we still can’t help it. We are built that way. Living life to the fullest is easy to say, hard to do.

So what do we do? I suggest keeping this song on top of your playlist and listening to it whenever it gets too much. It’s childish I know but aren’t kids the happiest? Everybody has problems. Life sucks sometimes. So, let the adult part of you rest a little bit and let your inner child out. For a child, everyday is an adventure, an interesting challenge. And who doesn’t love challenges?

Hakuna matata!



One of them tried to make
the other one feel special
thinking it would make
everyone happy
but what one didn’t realize
was that some other one
wasn’t happy about it
and was sad instead
and that made everyone sad
and that ruined the day!
Not always does one
accomplish what one
sets out to do.
That is called



When all is dark and gloomy,
When flowers forget to bloom..
When eyes are sad and teary,
When lips forget to smile..
When life is one big hardship,
When sweat is lost in the sand..
When joy no longer exists,
When pain is all you feel..
close your eyes and feel your heart.
Isn’t that where the sadness resides?
Nothing is dark, nothing is gloomy,
your heart tricks you into believin’,
The life is one big hardship, true!
But joy lies inside it too!
Why are your eyes sad and teary?
It’s much easier to smile, deary!
The life is how we see it.
The joy is as much as we feel it!