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Choosing between two.

Many times it’s so hard to decide..
Which one to choose?
Which one to wear?
Which one to risk?
Which one to dare?
Would that be better?
Would that ever matter?
To go for the obvious?
Or take a leap of faith?
To do what everybody tells you..?
Or do what nobody else has?

I get confused.
I get irritated.
Especially when..
I have to choose between two.



Things don’t matter really,
It’s the feelings attached to them that matter..
We buy several things daily..
But it’s the gifts that make us gladder.
May it be a flower,
given by a lover.
May it be a book,
given by a teacher.
May it be a dress,
given by a father.
May it be a band,
given by a friend.

We hold these things close to our heart,
Don’t let them ever from us part..
But we make mistakes, do we not?
Sometimes we lose them and that’s because we forgot…
to pick them up from where we left them..
to put them back to where we store them..
and it hurts,
it makes us cry..
It makes us wonder..
Why oh why…
Why did I have to forget?
Why did I have to lose it?

I should have kept it safe.
it was a gift.
And gifts,
cannot be replaced.