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This time I can’t tell.

it’s hard to tell
what path is right for me.
Which way do I go?
Which one do I choose?
you make it easier O Lord,
you make it clear as day
the choice I should make
but not this time.
This time I can’t tell
what is better for me,
what I should choose,
what you want me to do!

Help me O Master of the universe,
’cause this time
I can’t tell.

Let’s savor today!

Let me think of something new,
something fresh like morning dew.
I walk the usual path each day,
let me choose a new way today.
Every morning sun appears the same,
let’s make it a little brighter today.
The moon and stars are ever shining,
my life could do with a little brightening.
The cool breeze is sweeping by,
why don’t I drift with it tonight.

I walk, I talk, I work each day.
Let’s dance, let’s smile, let’s savor today.