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Change the world. Smile.

One little step,
one little smile,
can change someone’s life.
One little comment,
one little wink,
can make someone’s day.
The positive energy you spread
never stops spreading,
so aren’t you influencing the whole world
by influencing one being?



The same

I was an exchange student once you see,
I saw a whole new world,
a different place,
a different stage,
another culture,
another space,
People wore different clothes,
had different parties,
celebrated other events,
danced to different music.
But the differences were few,
the similarities were huge.
They too liked to love,
They too liked to share.
Smiling was a habit,
Caring wasn’t rare.

We might look different,
we might see different,
but we are the same.



Be generous next time.

How much effort does it take
to say
I like it.
I love it.
You rock.
You make me proud.
I knew you had it in you.
I was rooting for you.
These few words can
make somebody’s day
can make somebody smile
can fill them with joy
can fill them with happiness.
So be generous next time,
make somebody feel special.


Let’s savor today!

Let me think of something new,
something fresh like morning dew.
I walk the usual path each day,
let me choose a new way today.
Every morning sun appears the same,
let’s make it a little brighter today.
The moon and stars are ever shining,
my life could do with a little brightening.
The cool breeze is sweeping by,
why don’t I drift with it tonight.

I walk, I talk, I work each day.
Let’s dance, let’s smile, let’s savor today.



When all is dark and gloomy,
When flowers forget to bloom..
When eyes are sad and teary,
When lips forget to smile..
When life is one big hardship,
When sweat is lost in the sand..
When joy no longer exists,
When pain is all you feel..
close your eyes and feel your heart.
Isn’t that where the sadness resides?
Nothing is dark, nothing is gloomy,
your heart tricks you into believin’,
The life is one big hardship, true!
But joy lies inside it too!
Why are your eyes sad and teary?
It’s much easier to smile, deary!
The life is how we see it.
The joy is as much as we feel it!

He never said..

He saw her everyday,
seeing her around made his day..
He saw her laughing with her friends..
and fighting and making amends..
He saw her smiling up to the sky..
extending her arms and pretending to fly..
He saw her playing with her hair..
and fiddling with her fingers while rocking the chair..
He saw her jumping around in happiness,
and sitting down low in sadness..

He liked her a lot, he knew that,
But he never said
and they never met.